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Do water softeners really work?

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Clean Toilet

I was skeptical about water softeners at first. My husband really wanted to get one to help my son’s skin. Now, I am a believer, but before I share why, I have to share a backstory.

Clean Toilet

I am married to a plumber. He sees people get rid of stuff all of the time that he thinks is a waste. One day, he came home with a toilet that he removed from a remodel he was working on.

I really was fine with the last toilet, but he insisted that this new toilet was a great quality toilet and used less water. He bleached it and installed it. Then, I looked inside. It looked like all of the porcelain had been rubbed off where the water sat, and it was a pinkish/worn off mess. I scrubbed that toilet many times, and every time I was annoyed that the bottom never looked cleaner, but there were better things to argue about. We had that ugly toilet for about 10 years.

Enter the softener. We installed a high end Novo water softener in our home. (Novo uses significantly less salt so it doesn’t rust out our water heater.) Our clothes did seem easier to clean, and our glasses were shinier. About six months after the softener was installed, I walked in my restroom and noticed a strange gel in the bottom of the toilet. That was strange, so I grabbed a toilet brush to examine it. It turns out that what I thought was worn porcelain was actually minerals because of my hard water. The gel came off the bottom, and I flushed the toilet. It looked shiny and brand new.

So, now I am the biggest believer in water softeners. Water softeners improve the water system. I have embraced the toilet, as well.

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