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Our Southside Plumbing Experts

Mark Friesen Headshot
Mark Friesen Master Plumber, Owner Read Bio
Trevor Tuggle Headshot
Trevor Tuggle Master Plumber, Manager Read Bio
Kyle Taylor Headshot
Kyle Taylor Master Plumber Read Bio
Chris Hance Headshot
Chris Hance Master Plumber Read Bio
Wes Godby Headshot
Wes Godby Residential Plumber Read Bio
Mike Yulu Headshot
Mike Yulu Apprentice Read Bio
Christina Friesen Headshot
Christina Friesen Apprentice Read Bio
Heather Cormier Headshot
Heather Cormier Customer Service Representative Read Bio
Liz Headshot
Liz Friesen Operations Manager, Owner Read Bio
Kara Lewis Headshot
Kara Lewis Creative Sidekick Extraordinare Read Bio

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If you are interested in joining the team at Southside Plumbing we are interested in hearing from you! We are hiring both new and experienced plumbers.

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Meet Our Team
Mark Friesen Headshot
Mark Friesen Master Plumber, Owner

Mark Friesen, master plumber and owner, has over 25 years of experience in the plumbing industry. He completed a five year apprenticeship and worked as a journeyman plumber on commercial jobs until he achieved his master’s license and started Southside Plumbing.

Some of the projects he has worked on for other contractors include Skyridge Medical Center, Cherry Hills Community Church, and Park Meadows Mall. For Southside Plumbing he has built custom homes, run underground utility lines, and currently focuses on residential repair.

Mark is also a devoted husband and father. He enjoys outdoor sports and spending time with his children Elena, Christina, Micah, and Isaiah.

Trevor Tuggle Headshot
Trevor Tuggle Master Plumber, Manager

Trevor is a master plumber from Las Vegas, NV. His earliest experience in the plumbing trade was at 14 years old, moving and installing plumbing trim items for track homes. Since then, he has spent time gaining experience in all aspects of plumbing from residential service work to commercial new construction and more.

During his apprenticeship through the PHCC-NV, he placed 1st in a local PHCC plumbing competition, moving on to place 4th in the PHCC national competition during his 4th year. After completing the apprenticeship and obtaining his master’s license, he partnered with his parents at Aqua Plumbing, where he was part owner until he relocated to Denver, CO. Now the newest member of Southside Plumbing, Trevor is happy to service all of our amazing customers.

Trevor is married to his beautiful wife Kayla and is a proud father to 3 boys: Grayson, Landon, and Zaron. They enjoy family hikes with their dog Blue, snowboarding, soccer, and simply enjoying the outdoors.

Kyle Taylor Headshot
Kyle Taylor Master Plumber

Kyle has been with Southside Plumbing for over 4 years and is not new to construction. He has spent time in landscaping, civil construction, and some light home construction. He started off at Southside Plumbing as a plumber’s helper part time and enjoyed the work. After 4 years as a full time apprentice and going to school, he earned his journeyman license. Since then, he completed his master’s test and is now a licensed master plumber. He is here to serve your plumbing needs!

Kyle enjoys camping, dirt biking, video games, and playing with his dog Scooter.

Chris Hance Headshot
Chris Hance Master Plumber

Chris is one of our master plumbers. He started his plumbing career in Colorado in 2001. He has been a licensed plumber in multiple states but returned to Colorado in 2020. Because of his exposure to different areas of the plumbing trade, he has experience in almost all aspects of plumbing. He has specialized in service, repair, and remodeling for the majority of his career.

Chris shared: “Over the years, people have asked me why I like plumbing. I always reply by saying there is no better career. I love the constant change in my day to day. There are very few careers where you can get immediate gratification from the work you do. I feel lucky to be able to see the good I do and meet so many great people on a daily basis.”

“‘Plumbers protect the health of the Nation.’ This is a very old slogan that I take very seriously and include it in my work philosophy.”

Chris is from the East Coast, a proud father, and a snowboarding enthusiast.

Wes Godby Headshot
Wes Godby Residential Plumber

Born and raised in Colorado, Wes is one of our first year apprentices. He may be a first year plumbing apprentice, but Wes has lots of experience in construction and trades—from roofing to disaster restoration.

Wes’s hobbies include wood working, traveling, soccer and hiking. He also enjoys watching concerts, hunting and fishing. He loves warm weather and hates the snow and cold, but loves Coloradans, so he stays in sunny Colorado.

Mike Yulu Headshot
Mike Yulu Apprentice

Mike is one of our apprentice plumbers on the Southside team and works with our master team as he increases his knowledge of the trade and pursues his journeyman license. Mike was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. He went to film school for television production and started his career in videography. In the winter of 2017, he met his now wife while documenting her school’s study abroad trip in Kenya. He moved to the United States in 2019 and they married shortly after.

Mike has a passion for helping others and is very meticulous in his work. He loves plumbing because he has always loved working with his hands and seeing tangible results. He loves to learn and is eager to help you with any of your plumbing needs.

Mike enjoys visiting new places around the globe and documenting his adventures with his Nikon camera. He also enjoys going to the gym, kickboxing and taking his two dogs for hikes around beautiful Colorado.

Christina Friesen Headshot
Christina Friesen Apprentice

Christina is Southside’s newest apprentice. Daughter of the owners, Christina grew up with the business. In fact, she learned how to drive a plumbing van when she just had her permit. Now, Christina is joining the family business by learning the trade hands on. She is an apprentice and is learning with the rest of the team.

Christina loves spending time with friends and is an avid lover of reptiles. She is an accomplished young oboist and also plays marimba and piano.

Heather Cormier Headshot
Heather Cormier Customer Service Representative

If you call Southside, most like Heather is the one who you will talk to. With years of experience in the customer service industry, Heather came to join the Southside family in 2021. Heather does a fantastic job of communicating with customers and keeping in contact with them.

Heather enjoys spending time with her son Brady and supporting him as he plays rugby and football. She also enjoys spending time with children at church and helping where she can.

Liz Headshot
Liz Friesen Operations Manager, Owner

Liz started off her career in Corporate America, but left to start a family. She has a bachelor’s degree in business and decided to use it to start a plumbing company with Mark, her husband and head master plumber. During her journey with Southside Plumbing, she pursued a master’s degree in English and taught English composition at the University of Colorado. Even though she loves academia, Southside Plumbing needed more of her time, so she left to dedicate her time to Southside Plumbing.

Liz enjoys playing the flute, supporting her children in music, writing stories, and reading creative non-fiction. She and Mark spend their free time together enjoying each other’s company.

Kara Lewis Headshot
Kara Lewis Creative Sidekick Extraordinare

Kara Lewis is an out of the box professional with a degree in fine art from Michigan State University. She moved to Colorado in 2014 and currently enjoys working for Southside Plumbing as their Creative Sidekick Extraordinaire. Yes, that is her title, as she does a little bit of everything including (but not limited to) design, organization, inventory and building. Kara believes the greatest thing you can do for your employer (and yourself) is to accomplish something every day and do it with pride. Before joining the Southside team she worked in Community Relations, branding, designing, promoting and organizing internal and external volunteer events that consisted of small one hour events, to nationwide partnerships with over 30 non-profits. This dedication brought her various awards such as Corporate Volunteer Council of Atlanta’s (CVCoA) Community Relations Program of the Year, CVCoA Volunteer of the Year, and International Association of Business Communicators of Atlanta’s PR and Employee Communications Social Responsibility Campaign.

In her personal time Kara enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter and friends enjoying all that Colorado has to offer.

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