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Gas Lines in Highlands Ranch, CO

From heating water to providing comfortable warmth to helping light your stove burners, if your home uses gas heat, you probably rely on your gas lines more than you know. Gas heat is a literal lifesaver for many households during the frigid Colorado winter. Your gas lines are sensitive equipment and need to stay in good shape in order to do their jobs. Plus, when they fail, things can move quickly from an annoyance to a true emergency.


Looking for professional, prompt, and precise repair or replacement for your gas lines? Southside Plumbing has been servicing gas lines in Highlands Ranch, CO, and the surrounding communities for almost two decades:


     Lone Tree

     Castle Pines



     Roxborough Park

Gas Line Repair in Highlands Ranch, CO

A leaking gas line is no joke. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer since it’s colorless and odorless. If you think you’ve got a leaking gas line on your hands because you hear hissing, smell a strange odor, or notice broken gas lines, it’s safest to evacuate your home before calling a certified technician for gas line repair.


Here are some signs you need to call us to repair your gas lines in Highlands Ranch, CO:


     Visibly cracked or broken gas lines

     Rust, corrosion, or water damage

     Aging gas lines (gas lines older than 40 years usually need replacement, and gas lines in Highlands Ranch, CO, may need more frequent replacement due to seasonal reliance on gas heat)

Gas Line Installation in Highlands Ranch, CO

Do you need installation of new gas lines in Highlands Ranch, CO, or other nearby neighborhoods? We will send a licensed plumber to your house to install your new gas line. Our master plumbers are insured to protect you and your home.


It’s best to get help from our professional technicians when you’re planning the best spot for your new gas lines. Installing a new gas line can save you big money, help you have more fun outdoors, keep your home warmer, and even help the environment. If you’ve never considered new gas line installation, take some time to think about all these perks and if you think they might suit your needs — or provide a much-needed upgrade to your house!

Our Other Services

In addition to installation, repair, and replacement for gas lines in Highlands Ranch, CO, we also perform the following services in Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Castle Pines, Centennial, Littleton, and Roxborough Park:


Plumbing services such as: 

     Emergency plumbing around the clock

     Plumbing repairs for sticky situations

     Smart plumbing installation so you can make the most of your plumbing system

     Remodeling plumbing to give bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and more a fresh new look


We also offer:

     Sump pump connection and upgrades

     Installation/repair for water heaters (including new, high-tech tankless water heaters)

Partner With Southside For Gas Line Service!


When you need to schedule gas line repair or replacement, you want a team that knows Colorado’s climate and the challenges it brings. That’s why you should rely on Southside Plumbing. Don’t get caught in the cold or pose a fire or explosion risk to your home. Give us a call, and we’ll service your residential gas lines in Highlands Ranch, CO, no matter their age, size, or condition.