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Sump Pump Repairs In Highlands Ranch, CO

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Keep Your Highland Ranch, CO Home's Sump Pump Running Smoothly

The nursery rhyme “Rain, Rain, Go Away” is never more pertinent to an adult’s life than when their home’s sump pump is not working. Heavy rainfall can quickly flood a basement when there isn’t proper drainage available.

Fortunately, when you have Southside Plumbing by your side, you don’t have to worry about the costly damages of a flooded basement. As soon as you notice an issue with your sump pump, you can reach out to our team for sump pump repairs and we'll have your basement dry as a bone in no time.

Flooded Basement Needs Sump Pump
What does a sump pump do?

A sump pump is a device installed in a basement or crawlspace to prevent flooding. It collects excess water that accumulates in a sump pit or basin, commonly located in the lowest part of the home. When the water level rises, the sump pump activates, pumping the water away from the foundation and discharging it to a safe location, such as a storm drain or a designated area. Sump pumps are crucial for preventing water damage, especially in areas prone to heavy rainfall or groundwater issues. They help maintain a dry and secure environment in basements and lower building levels.

How big of a sump pump do I need?

The size of a sump pump depends on factors like the size of the basement or crawlspace, the water table level, and the potential volume of water entry. Sump pump capacity is measured in gallons per minute (GPM) or gallons per hour (GPH). A common recommendation is a pump with a capacity of at least 2,200 GPH for an average-sized home. However, consulting with a professional to assess specific conditions and requirements ensures the selection of an appropriately sized sump pump for effective water management.

Is My Sump Pump Failing?

Your sump pump is your home’s last line of defense against flood damage. Heavy rainfall and broken pipes can not only wreak havoc on your basement but also your home’s foundation. A properly functioning sump pump will be triggered when water reaches a certain level and will begin removing water by pumping it to a predetermined area.

How do you know your sump pump is about to fail before your basement floods? Here are some common signs your sump pump could be in trouble. Is your sump pump...

  • Making Weird Sounds? - Unusual noises coming from your sump pump could indicate your sump pump is having issues. The pump may have malfunctioning parts, such as a motor failure or a damaged impeller. As soon as you hear rattling or grinding noises from your sump pump, get in touch with us.
  • Running Constantly? - Your sump pump has a float and an on/off switch that helps it know when it needs to turn on. If something happens to either the float or switch mechanisms, it may no longer operate properly.
  • Vibrating While Running? - Your sump pump is equipped with an impeller that pulls water into the pump. Sometimes, large debris will be picked up in the wake of the water and can bend or damage the impeller. If the unit is not repaired in a timely manner, sump pump failure is imminent.
  • Turning On & Off? - A sump pump that cycles on and off frequently even when there are only a few inches of water in the basin is in strong need of repairs. Your energy bills can quickly rise from this repeated cycling, and it may only be the start of your sump pump issues.
  • Taking Too Long To Do Its Job? - Have you noticed that it seems to take your sump pump a long time to drain the water in its basin? This could be an indication that your unit is improperly sized for the volume of water it needs to handle or the distance it needs to pump water. If an amateur installed your sump pump, it’s likely they did not correctly calculate the volume of water your property could experience or take into account the drain pipes and layout.
  • Rusted? - Have you noticed rust built up around your sump pump? As the rust sloughs off, it can create a substance that clogs the sump pump, preventing it from operating effectively.

Emergency Or No, Southside Plumbing Is Here For Your Sump Pump Repair Needs

If you’re struggling with any of the sump pump problems listed above, it’s time to get in touch with our team of professional plumbers. Send us a message online or call (303) 346-8426 today!

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