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Understanding How Water Works In Your Highlands Ranch, CO Home

We Believe Educated Customers Are Satisfied Customers

At Southside Plumbing, we not only want to help you with your plumbing needs, but we also want to share our knowledge so you understand more about how your plumbing does what it does.  Check out this video to learn more about how water gets into your home and is distributed by your plumbing.

How To Turn Off The Water To The House

It is important to know how to turn off the water to the house. Many homeowners don’t think about this until an accident happens and water starts flooding the house. If you will be leaving town, it’s a good idea to turn off your water–just in case.

If you are worried about your grass while out of town, you can also install what we call a vacation valve. When you are out of town, you can turn off just the water to the house, but your sprinklers will still run.

You can also install a valve that tracks your water usage and will shut down the water in the house when it detects a leak. Call (303) 346-8426 for options!

Water Heater Information

Looking for information about getting a water heater estimate, or how to check your pilot light? Watch below:

Water Heater Estimate

Why Hire A Professional?

How To Light Your Pilot Light

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