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Plumbing Repairs in Highlands Ranch, CO

Plumbing Repairs in Highlands Ranch, CO

Plumbing problems can grind your daily routine to a halt. From leaking showers and low water pressure to clogged sinks, pressure reducing valves not working, and beyond, a disruption in your plumbing system compromises you and your family’s access to clean, running water and the ability to shower, wash dishes, do laundry, and carry out myriad other household tasks. When things go wrong, you need a trusted partner by your side. Fortunately, our team proudly offers comprehensive plumbing repairs in Highlands Ranch, CO, and the surrounding communities, including:


     Lone Tree

     Castle Pines



     Roxborough Park

Types of Plumbing Repairs


Our plumbing services include repairs for the following:

When you think of what a plumber does every day, the #1 task that might come to mind is “unclog toilets.” It’s simply the truth — our team does spend a lot of time getting called to unclog toilets. However, we do more than just toilet repair. We take care of all kinds of clogged drains and often come out to look at a clogged garbage disposal, bathtub drain, or sink.

Did you know what the real name for your outdoor tap is? That little faucet that sits outside of your building is actually called a hose bibb. If you like to garden or have ever washed your car with your outdoor water spigot, you’ve interacted with the hose bibb before. Broken hose bibb repairs are no small part of plumbing repairs in Highlands Ranch, CO, for our company because the weather in Colorado can be literally deadly. Without appropriate hose bibb replacement or repair, water can freeze in your pipes, causing costly damage or even harm to your home and family. If you think your outdoor faucet is looking a bit worse for the wear, it’s better to schedule hose bibb replacement now rather than wait until there’s a problem.

Do you keep having low water pressure after shower or toilet repair? It can be frustrating to spend money on faucet replacement or repair, only to discover your plumbing system is still acting up. However, the problem may be deeper. Faucet repair only addresses what’s on the surface, so the problem could very well be your pressure reducing valve not working. It’s a safe bet to call Southside Plumbing for pressure reducing valve repairs when you notice problems continue.

Is that garbage disposal clogged, or are things under the sink… leaking? If you spot leaking showerheads, trickling water around the base of the toilet, damp hot water heaters, or other water stains or droplets where you think they shouldn’t be, call us for plumbing repairs in Highlands Ranch, CO. A leak may seem like no big deal now, but water damage can wind up costing you a fortune in repairs if it becomes serious enough. (Plus, no one wants to add more numbers to their water bill!). It can also lead to worse problems such as your shower valve not working or your toilet running constantly.


If you think the leak is coming from your washing machine, dishwasher, or other large appliance that uses water, it’s even better to be safe than sorry and call for emergency plumbing service ASAP, since these appliances hold hundreds of gallons of water and one small problem with their components can spell total disaster for your home.

Remember how we mentioned replacing your hose bibb? If you ignore the warning signs of frozen pipes, or your pipes are otherwise frozen or shifted in certain weather conditions, you might end up with broken pipes. Broken or frozen pipe repairs are no DIY fix-it job, as they can be difficult and even dangerous — plus home solutions rarely work. Your pipes carry literally thousands of gallons of water per day, so frozen pipe repairs need to be done by a team of pros using safe and durable materials and the proper techniques. If you spot or suspect frozen pipes, it’s best to contact us for plumbing repairs in Highlands Ranch, CO.

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Alongside performing large and small plumbing repairs in Highlands Ranch, CO, Southside Plumbing is proud to also offer the following services:



Shower valve not working? Clogged toilet? Want to upgrade your entire plumbing system? We’re the team to help! Contact us to schedule plumbing services or to discuss plumbing repair in Highlands Ranch,  Lone Tree, Castle Pines, Centennial, Littleton, and Roxborough Park, CO. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!