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Plumbing issues can disrupt your daily routine and are always an unwelcome inconvenience. Despite our hopes, they still occasionally arise. It's reassuring to have a dependable, seasoned plumber close by who can resolve any plumbing challenges you might face. Operating since 2005, Southside Plumbers brings an wealth of experience to every plumbing puzzle. We've encountered and handled virtually every problem imaginable. When you give us a call at (303) 346-8426 you're taking the first step towards solving your plumbing woes and returning to your regularly scheduled life.

Water Heater Services

A consistent supply of hot water is essential. At Southside Plumbing, we deliver top-notch water heater services, encompassing repairs, installations, and maintenance to meet your hot water demands at all times. Our experienced technicians are adept at managing any water heater type, addressing inefficiencies, malfunctions, or updates to more energy-efficient units. Our goal is to prolong the life of your water heater and boost its efficiency, ensuring you always have access to hot water when needed.

Water Leak Detection Services

Early detection of water leaks can prevent significant damage and expensive repairs. Southside Plumbing utilizes the latest technology and techniques to detect leaks accurately, even those hidden behind walls, beneath floors, or within foundations. Our leak detection services are designed to quickly locate and address leaks, preserving your home’s structural integrity, preventing mold, and saving water. Rely on our team for swift and dependable solutions that protect your home and offer peace of mind.

Sump Pump Services

Protect your basement from moisture and water damage with our sump pump services. Southside Plumbing provides installations, replacements, and maintenance to keep your sump pump functioning optimally. We offer customized solutions for both pedestal and submersible sump pumps based on your home’s specific requirements. Our proactive maintenance ensures your pump is ready to handle potential flooding, effectively preventing water damage and maintaining your property’s safety.

Plumbing Remodel Services

Thinking about updating your kitchen or bathroom? Let Southside Plumbing enhance your renovation project. We work closely with homeowners to integrate superior plumbing solutions that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your remodel. Our team expertly handles everything from installing modern fixtures and appliances to setting up elaborate shower systems and elegant sinks. Trust us to perfect every aspect of your new kitchen or bathroom, making your vision a reality.

Gas Plumbing Services

At Southside Plumbing, we specialize in gas plumbing services, ensuring the safe repair and installation of all gas appliances. Whether you’re setting up a new gas range, converting a fireplace, or servicing existing gas lines, our certified experts prioritize safety and efficiency. We comply with strict safety protocols to manage gas services securely, reducing risks and adhering to regulatory standards.

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We could continue praising our services and expertise, but our satisfied customers express it best. We're delighted to share numerous positive reviews that highlight what Southside Plumbing offers the people of Sedalia, CO. Browse these testimonials below to see the difference we can make. If you have any plumbing needs, remember to call us at (303) 346-8426 today!


Recent Jobs and Reviews in Sedalia, CO

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Job Locations and Reviews

Kyle T.
Kyle T. Checked in
A leak was discovered on the hot water line in the basement near the water softener. The whole building had to be shut down in order to service the pipe. Southside Plumbing cut out the bad section of piping and replaced it with new copper pipe and fittings. After re-pressurizing the water system, there is no longer a leak on the hot water line.
Sedalia, CO 80135
Mark was knowledgeable, prepared and thorough!
Chuck - Sedalia, CO 80135
Response from Southside Plumbing, INC:

Thanks for giving Mark a shout out! We will pass the word on! Thanks for using Southside!

Mark F.
Mark F. Checked in
Install a customer supplied commercial garbage disposal. - Put on new standard flange and conversion into larger commercial disposal unit. -put on new 2 inch male adapter and set up for new 2” P-trap. - thorough testing to ensure proper installation.
Sedalia, CO 80135
Mark F.
Mark F. Checked in
Cleared main drain line, reset toilet in women’s restroom. Cleared floor sink in kitchen area that was leading to grease trap.
Sedalia, CO 80135
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